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adidas Originals by Originals (O by O) by the Japanese series, O? Strong> auditor Kuraishi Yi Shu (Kazuki Kuraishi) the proposal of MT limited Boots shoes, D ring and ring followed by details of the narrow body of casual shoes and hiking shoes, grey and yellow collocation color effect present, Japanese full Kuraishi style elegant, currently in the well-known shop shelves sold sneakersnstuff.
download (98.12 KB) Kazuki Kuraishi MT Boots - Iron download (133.81 KB) Kazuki Kuraishi MT Boots - Iron download (107.32 KB) Kazuki Kuraishi MT Boots - Iron download (122.45 KB) Kazuki Kuraishi MT Boots - Iron

each shoe many dreams, perfect with the foot "Back to the Future at the 1989 II movie" design, with automatic system Nike Air Mag band this year officially debut, Global Limited 89 pairs, of which 3 were double in Hongkong, London and New York to take the charity sell sold, when you think of Hongkong sell 810 thousand is the price, the United States on November 12th at the last auction in New York, this pair of shoes last dream for $200 thousand (approximately $155 million Hong Kong dollars) sold, this group of mortals distant figure, become one of the most expensive shoes price history.

Data map
do I want to make up today?

in a lot of woman worry with makeup movement easily lead to clogged pores cause acne acne, and we have a race across the sea island girl in a ten hour limit ran makeup. Xiaobian once saw a girl pull a lipstick out of her pocket before turning the corner. Though it was a bit weird, but at the moment of crossing the finishing line, who wouldn't want to stay in the camera lens and keep himself Beautiful?

star's watch machine
during fitness
Liu Tao had a shot and Yang Zi's exercise. Dim light and beauty effects to create naturally good skin, but a closer look can still see the painted eyebrow and eyeliner, is the best example of pseudo makeup.

appearance of breast skin white legs straight Zhang Yuqi is by running a good figure, it is not difficult to see traces of the makeup from her sports certification photos.
Ivy Chen, a
young girl, recently ran for 5 kilometers in Shanghai. She painted delicate makeup on the scene. Orange blush looks very vigorous.

doesn't like makeup girls, but we can learn from He Xiangu, who is white to light. Though he is real, he has covered half of his face with his hands, and the focus has focused on good shape.

refer to the queen Yuan Shanshan of the Majia line, a back to kill, narrow waist hips, without make-up can also be stunning.

then the question is, which cosmetics can keep you beautiful while you are sweating? Here are some suggestions for the queen.

Shu Uemura
machete Uemura eyebrow pencil
waterproof anti sweat machetes makes you sweating eyebrow pencil are not afraid to spend makeup.

Kiss me
Eyeliner eyes dreamThe fighter in the
Eyeliner's liquid pen has a substantial price and a staggering durability.

Miss Hana Miss Jenna Eyeliner

eye line good helper, eyes open and ligation will not be dizzy, anti oil ability.

Kiko double head Lip Glaze Lip Gloss

brand from Italy, made out will not fade for 16 hours long lip glaze.

of course, with makeup movement does cause some skin problems, it is not recommended to draw up to the temple of the eye or coated with a thick makeup like with prickly heat powder. Simply draw a eyebrow, clip your eyelashes, and use a lipstick to brighten the whole complexion. Remember to clean up your face in time!

there are some other beware machines. For example, you can make a gleaming special nail, think carefully when you tie your hair, use a hairpin, a necklace, and so on. Hope that the fairies are able to make themselves more beautiful, in the women's running game.

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