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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; after the World Cup sportswear hot, some companies took the opportunity to sell after the fake brand Chongwen AND BUSINESS repeatedly remediation decisions & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; there are "PUMA", "NBA" and other branded goods nor sold illegal merchants may be cleaned up from the street out & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the 23rd, the capital of well-known sporting goods Street, will not be re-sold nominal Adidas Nike, NBA and well-known sports brand Puma four kinds of goods, otherwise business cheap jordans for sale mens es may be cleaned out to the streets, this is the reporter this morning from the Commerce and Industry Bureau was informed of Chongwen. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; After the World Cup, with the fire sale of sports clothing and other goods, is located in Chongwen District Road sports stadium street, there are some businesses take the opportunity to sell fake brand-name sporting goods. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; As of the first half, Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry has already accumulated a street sporting goods inspection cheap foamposites 25, filing 19, confiscated infringing goods 850. Most of them are "ADIDAS", "NIKE", "NBA" and the "PUMA" trademark sportswear, sports shoes, with a fake finger and football. And these four kinds of well-known brands of trademark holders also reflect that, never to sports street traders authorized to sell any sporting goods, consumers only to those of brand-name stores to buy the corresponding genuine. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "after a period of improvement, sporting goods sales of the infringing goods on a street pheno Cheap air jordans for sale menon has been curbed, but we also found that individual selling are increasingly cunning, specifically. Business people pick off hours or on weekends, when the sale of counterfeits. "Chongwen Commerce and Industry Bureau deputy director Hao Junqing said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry joint worship trademark advertising Branch Trade and Industry on the street outside a street sports were centralized inventory, we found this street businesses in the vast 84 Most no longer operating Retro jordans for sale infringing goods, but there are two merchants in the case can not be authorized to produce qualified, still selling merchandise with more than four kinds of brand names, industrial and commercial personnel on the spot has been withheld. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to this end, Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry decided to ban street in sports nominal Adidas, Nike, NBA, and four kinds of well-known sports brand Puma merchandise. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry Secretary Dong Qing said, then the cheap jordans for sale y will always spot sales of this street, once found merchants selling merchandise with these four kinds of trademarks, will be alleged trademark infringement on file for investigation, severely dealt with strictly, until it is cleared Sports street. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; It is reported that, to this street merchant rental shops homeowners who currently has signed agreement with the merchant, as long as there is selling business behavior and business sector investigation, they will terminate the renting and selling bu Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping sinesses. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; It is understood that this is the city's first large-scale business sector regulation violations of well-known sporting goods brands violations. & nbsp; bring black tones mix a little red details of supreme x Nike Air jordan 5 "black" the latest real photos (attached foot preview). Shoes we have introduced many times, is expected to be officially debut in October this year, and the price has been reported to have been reported for $198. X Air Jordan Black 5 "" Supremenumber: 824371-0 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 01release date: October 2015 hair price: $198source: marqueesole/copkickz was released in 2013, "now you see me, with magic and crime subject, and stunning visual effects and suspenseful storyline, acclaimed, hit the world's $3.5 billion box office success. In the first end of the boundless in, "the four horsemen of the Apocalypse" in this year again returned, and recently released a new "now you see me two" official trailer, a high IQ, high-tech burning brain masterpiece is about to open. The team came to Macau framing, cheap jordans online add a large number of Chinese elements, and the continuation of the former tense adventure, suspense tone, in addition to the original class horse, Harry Potter played author Daniel Radcliffe and Asian pop king Jay Chou also stunning debut, paired with dynamic background music, create a tense atmosphere of the climax of the. "Now You See Me 2" will be released in June 10, 2016.Howard fans come to the capital Beijing boiling 2013-12-08 22:29:03 August 31, 2012, sweltering "Purple King China" Shanghai station has not been cheap jordan shoes for men in the past, Adidas basketball superstar Dwight? Howard and went to Adidas Beijing Sanlitun flagship store, share new Lakers purple and gold as well as Adidas Howard effort to build China exclusive boots and capital row fans - unique color of the tiger adiPower Howard 3, by the majority of fans in hot pursuit. After a year and once again the capital of the fans close contact, Howard brought a gift for the old friends - new Lakers suit. With Howard slowly open silver mysterious chest, the Lakers new suit also debut Retro jordans for sale - the latest Lakers colors, purple and gold, and Howard on the 12th design and sale of limited edition Adidas Howard "Purple King Chinese line" adiPower Howard 3 boots. Just move to the Los Angeles Lakers success "Warcraft" handheld silver chest conceal his excitement and joy, and fans to share their feelings. Howard said, could feel with many of the top players in the league are very honored and excited to become teammates, already can not wait to step on the court to prove his "Purple King 'strength. I also hope he can and this double tiger unique color of adiPower Howard 3 fought together, early rocket scored coveted championship ring. The fans are all infected these words, the atmosphere was pushed to the climax. In addition to the Lakers bring the latest suit, to share their joy successful move, Howard continue to work with the majority of fans to interact. Four lucky fans at the invitation of Howard participated in the shooting games, started the alternative "basket flame"; and Howard spare no effort in the side as they cheer. Shooting machine part of the winner was Howard personally donated the "Lakers suit." For more fans, Adidas similarly intimate arrangements "Purple King," the signings link - Fans have come up with all kinds of souvenirs related with Howard "Purple King" close contact with and express their love for Howard and blessing. Give yourself a great support in order to repay the Chinese fans, Howard is also a photo with the fans, and through his unique "expression emperor" style, under the presence of another way to conquer the presence of all the fans. It is worth mentioning that the Adidas overwhelmed specially set up a "Chinese fans to interact with intelligent terminal row" for the "Purple King in China", the terminal immediately Howard to facilitate his interaction with the Chinese fans. Whether expressing wishes, advice skills, or issue a hero gauntlet, just focus on "Adidas basketball" official microblogging, get Howard micro signal, can be connected with the terminal, the true feelings of "Purple Overlord" double charm off the field.

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